What We Do At Jamino Elevators

What We Do At Jamino Elevators

Jamino Elevator offers a wide variety of elevator and mobility solutions. With both commercial and residential

Residential Services

An elevator not only provides easy access between the levels of your home, it provides value and peace of mind. A residential elevator from Sturm Elevator lets you know that you, your family and guests can move through your house easily and safely. In addition to looking stylish, an elevator will add to the value of your home.

Commercial Services

The safe and efficient operation of your elevators is crucial for your business. Customers, staff, visitors and guests need to be able to navigate through your building with ease. Contact Sturm Elevator for your elevator service, repair and maintenance needs. Installation is available for qualified businesses.

Emergency Services

As a business it is crucial that your elevators function properly at all times. Breakdowns can cost you valuable time and money. You need to know that your elevators are safe and functional for your customers and your staff. Jamino Elevator is available 24/7 in the unfortunate event that the elevators in your business stop working.

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Lets cater to your needs

We have several different kinds of service contracts to suit the needs of our customers. Let us help you start getting the most comfortable, smooth ride, and the most reliability out of your elevators.