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Elevator Installation

Jamino Elevator offers a wide variety of elevator and mobility solutions. With both commercial and residential

Elevator Installation

At Jamino Elevator, our experts in the commercial installation division know that great elevator performance starts with precision installations. Our seasoned installers are considered to be some of the best by the many general contractors that use Jamino Elevator exclusively.

Elevator Modernization

Jamino Elevator is unsurpassed in its ability to modernize older elevator equipment. We use only the most reliable elevator computer controls and the finest brands of elevator parts so that older elevators can be restored and upgraded to like new or better than new condition.

Elevator Maintenance

We cover Nigeria like no one else can. You can count on Jamino Elevator to install and maintain your equipment on schedule. And if you ever need repairs, our rapid-response team is available 24 hrs every day to get your elevator up and running quickly

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Lets cater to your needs

We have several different kinds of service contracts to suit the needs of our customers. Let us help you start getting the most comfortable, smooth ride, and the most reliability out of your elevators.