Elevator Modernization

We can modernize any make or model of equipment with the very latest in technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance, and safety for your elevator passengers.

Expert Elevator Modernizations and Upgrades

Jamino Elevator is unsurpassed in its ability to modernize older elevator equipment. We use only the most reliable elevator computer controls and the finest brands of elevator parts so that older elevators can be restored and upgraded to like new or better than new condition.

At Jamino Elevator we have the tools, knowledge and experience to effectively modernize your commercial elevator. We’ll create a complete analysis of how your present elevator is installed and functioning, then create a custom plan for bringing your elevator into the 21st century. This plan will include everything possible regarding how the elevator performs, how accessible it is, the overall look and cosmetic condition and the safety features it is presently equipped with and important ones that we can add. At Sturm Elevator we can offer solutions for modernization that range from minor refurbishments to significant rebuilding or just simply replacing worn and aging parts.

We know you want your elevator to be dependable and to run properly long into the foreseeable future. Modernization can help accomplish this by making your elevator more functional, sound and stable. Our job is to make sure that the safety of your passengers and efficient functioning of your commercial elevator are handled with equal importance.

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Seal of Excellence

We are a company built from referral business, proof of our excellent working relationships with facility managers and contractors.

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