Commercial Elevator Services, Maintenance & Repair

Keep your elevator system operating efficiently, consistently and safely

Remove business interruptions due to elevator breakdowns/downtime

Jamino Elevator has been providing professional maintenance, service and repair to commercial and business customers that exceeds industry standards! In that time, we've developed the knowledge, expertise and skills to ensure your commercial elevators and mobility assistance equipment operate at peak performance and safety.

The regular and proper maintenance of an elevator system saves you both time and money. Maintaining your elevator in a proactive manner is important because this can be the difference between an elevator being fixed before there is a problem and an emergency elevator repair call. Keeping breakdowns and downtime to a minimum is our goal for every customer we work with. The elevators in your building aren’t just any piece of equipment. They’re an investment into the safety and mobility of your guests and staff and aid in the smooth operating of your business. Our goal is to make that investment last into the foreseeable future.

Our clientelle spans commercial facilities, Power, Grain, Cement, Port Authorities, Mines, Manufacturing, Research, Refineries, Petrochemical, Residential properties, etc.

We perform all types of service and repair, preventative maintenance and modernizations to all types of elevators. Our reputation stands on its own. The need for efficient accessibility can never be overemphasized in commercial buildings. Jamino Elevator is here to offer you all the support you need, be it to install commercial elevators for your new construction project, to revamp an existing elevator, or fit one in an already existing building. Serving South Texas we provide skilled technical support, design, and flawless engineering. With experience in indoor and outdoor commercial elevators, and having in ready stock a range of ADA-compliant equipment, you can count on us to exceed your expectations of safety, reliability and performance, whatever be your specific needs.

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Seal of Excellence

We are a company built from referral business, proof of our excellent working relationships with facility managers and contractors.

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